Airport Management

Maximize Efficiency with Minimal Resources

Airlines are always under pressure to operate more efficiently and optimize their workforce utilization. At the same time, they must continuously strive to deliver an outstanding passenger experience.

Given the competitive nature of today’s marketplace, airlines are even more challenged to streamline their business and do more with fewer resources than ever before.

Streamline Operations to Reduce Costs

Airport Management is a suite of solutions that provides flexible resource management and optimization tools that can increase operational efficiency, decrease costs and improve the customer experience. Along the way, it can boost employee satisfaction as well.

By producing quantifiable results, Airport Management allows airlines to realize powerful benefits. Labor costs can be reduced up to 25% and staff utilization improved by up to 7%. Not only that, flight delay costs can be cut by as much as 5%, gate use improved by up to 20% and gate coordinator usage decreased by as much as 50%.

Product features

Complex staffing management

Manage ongoing schedule changes and monitor compliance.

Mobile access

Push information to frontline employees so staff is in the right place at the right time.

Centralized employee scheduling and database

Access employee details, schedules, attendance reports and account balances in one location.

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