Air Availability and Schedules starts the sales process to display and sell airline flights. Air schedules provide flight schedules regardless of availability. Air Availability provides flight schedules and available inventory. 

Key benefits:  

  • Optimal air travel content information
  • Quick access to airline inventory via air availability
  • Real-time schedule updates resulting in the most up to date schedules as filed by the airlines
  • Dynamic connect point construction for the best schedules
  • Accurate availability facilitates finding the best available fares
  • City Pair Availability and Schedules features

City Pair Availability provides flight information for booking up to 362 days in advance. The Air Schedules product enables you to quickly find the flights your customers need. Sabre dynamically constructs connect points to create a significant number of flight options.  

Visit Sabre Dev Studio and connect to the Sabre Platform with Travel Solutions APIs to create B2C or B2B travel applications.

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