Benefits for Travel Suppliers

You accept payments from customers around the world, some known to you, some unknown.

Varying forms of payment offers different levels of security and costs; they also all impact your cashflow differently.

Sabre Virtual Payments can help you mitigate these risks.

Key Benefits

Get Paid Faster

Get paid faster

  • Don’t wait for remittance process and invoice settlement to be paid and improve your cash flow with Sabre Virtual Payments.
  • Improve your productivity with automated reconciliation.
Reduce your risks

Reduce your risks

  • Protect your business against customer default with the card scheme guarantee.
  • Reduce the impact of fraud on your business: eliminate rejected or cancelled bookings, due to fraud suspicion.
Drive Further Sales

Drive further sales

  • Access a wider agency network by accepting an additional form of payment.
Easy To Accept

Easy to accept

  • Sabre Virtual Payments is easy to accept: no change to process or workflow is required to accept them as form of payment.
  • Get paid per booking or in bulk, in the same way that you would for a traditional physical card.

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