Traveler Experience Solution

A seamless mobile experience from pre-trip to expense reporting

Better Business Starts with Better Business Travel

No one understands the hectic world of business travel more than the ones who live it every day. You need a solution to improve the traveler experience that will also maximize efficiency, streamline expenses and improve compliance. And, the solution needs to be reliable, scalable, flexible, and global to grow with your needs.

  • Reliable

    With 99.9% uptime, the system is ready when you need it

  • Scalable

    No matter how big or complex the program the solution can easily grow and adapt when new product needs are introduced

  • Flexible

    Open solution to choose products that fit your business needs as well as a preferred expense provider

  • Global

    Global expertise in over 95 countries

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The flexibility your program needs

The Traveler Experience Solution seamlessly integrates multiple products into one mobile experience to drive savings, compliance, safety, and traveler satisfaction. Choose from multiple best-in-class travel products to create a travel program that best fits your needs. Our product solutions seamlessly integrate booking, itinerary and messaging, virtual payments, expense reporting, and travel risk management.

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The mobile experience your travelers demand

Our award-winning mobile experience puts all elements of your trips in the palm of your hand. Save time and frustration by booking, changing or canceling policy-compliant travel arrangements on-the-go on any device.

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An expense integration CFOs need to drive value

Our expense capabilities automatically capture expenses from travel bookings, Sabre virtual payments or traditional credit cards and will feed the data into the expense provider of your choice. This provides a streamlined and automated travel and expense process – ultimately providing actionable insights to mitigate risks, gain deeper visibility across travel expenses and increase traveler compliance. You’re now able to gain cost-reduction in travel expenses which allows corporations to be more agile and the ability to reinvest in organization growth opportunities.


In-app booking reduce fees by automatically adhering to required policies and increase traveler adoption rate and satisfaction.

Itinerary & Messaging

A single place to manage and organize trips allows travelers to store documents and share itineraries and receive reminders on program perks, policies, and discounts.


A virtual card, good for an entire travel event, is sent to the supplier. It’s safer and easier for travelers and reduces fraud.

Expense Integration

Expense data is automatically standardized from the start to improve visibility and data accuracy on overall spend. Plus, traveler's expenses are auto-reconciled and expense reports are automatically generated for each trip, saving travelers time and providing corporations a seamless solution for capturing and measuring their travel investment.

Travel Risk Management

Monitor travelers' trips with automated proactive messages to traveling employees who may be impacted by an event and request they provide their status, so corporations can quickly and easily determine if their employees are ok or need assistance.

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