Beyond NDC:

Personalized Retailing and Distribution

Investing Beyond NDC to Deliver Next-Generation Retailing and Distribution Solutions

As the world's leading travel technology company, Sabre is investing in a fast-forward approach to next-generation retailing and distribution. A key component of this vision is deploying new product using the International Air Transport Association (IATA) New Distribution Capability (NDC) standard.

Sabre is fully committed to incorporating NDC standards in ways that will benefit stakeholders across the travel ecosystem, including airlines, travel agencies and consumers.

Our thought leading approach is to deliver an end-to-end retailing ecosystem. By innovating beyond the standard, Sabre solutions intelligently optimize product and give airlines control of products and services distributed across all channels. And just as important, it provides agencies with richer content to provide personalized, relevant offers.

The NDC standard is one thing. Bringing it to life is our thing.

Learn more about how Sabre is enabling intelligent retailing and product distribution.

NDC Capable Level 3
NDC Certified Level 1

An expert viewpoint from our Vice President of Product Management, Kathy Morgan, outlining our beyond NDC, end-to-end airline retailing strategy.

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NDC to the Power of Sabre

Our eBook discusses the opportunities that next-generation retailing and distribution present for airlines, agencies and travelers. With expert industry opinions, it demystifies critical topics such as IATA NDC, discusses the importance of personalized products and services and provides practical tips for key players in the travel ecosystem.

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Sabre Plans to Offer NDC-enabled Solutions in 2018

We're committed to leading the industry evolution for next-generation airline retailing, distribution and fulfillment in a manner that delivers value to airlines and agencies. Read about our plans to bring NDC to life in 2018 and how we will innovate Beyond NDC to make the vision a reality.

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Cracking the Airline Retailing Nut

For airlines, cracking the retailing nut hasn’t been easy. Every airline has its own ideas about how to build and execute an optimal retailing strategy. Rodrigo Celis, vice president of product management for Sabre Airline Solutions, and Kathy Morgan, vice president of product management for Sabre Travel Network, share their expertise on how airlines can achieve their retailing goals, and how Sabre is investing beyond NDC in next-generation retailing and distribution solutions.

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Innovating Beyond NDC

The market is ready, standards are mature and airlines are laser focused on becoming better retailers. The time to think about next-generation retailing and distribution, including IATA’s NDC standard, is now. Through clear business objectives, a self-awareness of retailing maturity and a phased approach to building an end-to-end retailing ecosystem, airlines and agencies can fulfill their retailing vision and remain competitive in the market.

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