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Video: The Future of Travel with NDC

How is NDC shaping the future of travel? How are conversations advancing as we develop NDC solutions? Hear from representatives from Flight Centre and IATA, plus Sabre’s vice president, NDC Kathy Morgan.



Where Will NDC Take Us in the Future?

Jason Nooning, Global Air Distribution, Flight Centre Travel Group

I think if I could fast-forward to two years into the future and get through all the pain of change. I think it’s really exciting to see some of the new functionalities implemented into existing workflows. And new workflows utilizing the innovative new functions; as well as existing capabilities to deliver new retailing experiences.

Yanik Hoyles, IATA NDC leader

Today when you search for travel or different offers, Google is very satisfied to say they found 1.5 million answers in a tenth of a second.  But what am I going to do with 1.5 million answers?

More and more I’m going to value targeted offers that make sense for me.


At Sabre, we’re committed to making it a win-win-win for the travel ecosystem.

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How are Sabre’s Beyond NDC partners helping accelerate our progress?

Kathy Morgan, Sabre Vice President, NDC

I feel like anything is possible when you are in this forum and you realize the type of talent and influence that you have. When you look at that partner sheet of logos, it just makes me know that, first of all, we have to keep our focus on it from the outside in.

Having events like (this) is the most important part of what we’re doing; and just having the confidence from our customers – that they know how committed we are and that they show up – it just it blows my mind.

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