Sabre adds markets and capabilities for NDC offers from Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines NDC content available in Sabre

We are pleased to announce that from 01 January 2021, additional markets will have access to NDC offers from Beyond NDC partner Singapore Airlines (SQ) via our Offer and Order APIs and Sabre Red 360. In the Asia Pacific region, Malaysia and New Zealand will be added alongside the previously activated markets of Thailand (October 2020) and Singapore (May 2020). Beyond Asia, our global footprint is expanding in Europe with the activation of Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Extending SQ NDC offers in these markets reflects our commitment to providing agencies with access to leading content without a surcharge. Throughout 2021, we will activate additional markets on a rolling basis.

An expanded set of NDC-enabled capabilities also accompanies our market expansions for SQ. We understand that end-to-end workflow support is critical for agencies to maintain operational efficiency. As a result, we are laying the final piece of the foundational workflow by enabling a suite of servicing capabilities, including cancellations, voids, refunds and exchanges. Deploying these capabilities will help to drive broader adoption of NDC as travel recovers.

Agencies must sign a KrisConnect agreement directly with SQ before they can access SQ NDC offers through Sabre. To find out more, please get in touch with your local SQ representative.

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Additionally, agencies will need to upgrade to Sabre Red 360 to access NDC offers. Sabre customers should contact their account representative to upgrade.

“2020 has been a year unlike any other I’ve seen during my thirty-year career in the travel industry,” commented Sabre Vice President of Offer Sourcing, Kathy Morgan. “Against this challenging backdrop, the Sabre team has continued to make meaningful progress in going Beyond NDC with Singapore Airlines. The distinctive economic, social and demographic dynamics of the Asia Pacific region create a unique environment to nurture new demand for travel. We appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with Singapore Airlines to power this long-term growth.”

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