Proof points of NDC progress

Video: Proof Points of NDC Progress

NDC progress requires collaboration and leadership. Hear from Sabre customers representing Flight Centre and AERTicket, plus IATA NDC leader Yanik Hoyles and Sabre vice president, NDC, Kathy Morgan, about the progress we’re making with our NDC solutions.



How is the conversation changing as we develop NDC solutions?

Kathy Morgan, Sabre Vice President, NDC

The conversations, I’d say, are just much more advanced.

We’re not talking about what NDC is anymore; now we’re talking about the practical implications of it, the opportunity, and what different constituents value.

And so being able to accelerate the conversations beyond that kind of basic level, kind of rudimentary elements. How do we drive this forward, and how do we scale, and how do we capture values sooner than later?

We just weren’t able to have those types of conversations six months ago.

Proof points of progress?

Yanik Hoyles, IATA NDC leader

I think the starting point to that, it’s the leader board of Airlines.

There are 21 Airlines today that weight about a third of IATA passenger volumes in terms of size, who put their hand up and said we’re in.  Not only are we in, but we’re committing to a goal of twenty percent of our travel agent sales to be powered by an NDC API by end of 2020.

If the airlines are publicly committing themselves to driving NDC volumes, it means it’s worth investing.

Jason Nooning, Global Air Distribution, Flight Centre Travel Group

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The buyer groups have driven a lot of that conversation; that was really the turning point

As the GDSs have announced their NDC initiatives, Sabre with Beyond NDC, and really having the GDSs on board, it’s really been full steam ahead after that.

Andreas Ochse, Chief Technology Officer, Aerticket

We do have 17.2 now (17.2 and 18.1 are the latest versions of IATA NDC workflow schemas) and I see more airlines coming on board. So for me and this is not something like ‘the flavor of the month’ if you will.

What I can see is the NDC standard is becoming more stable.  17.2 is the first version, in my opinion, that is really, truly usable on a day-to day-basis.


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