NDC and the corporate travel buyer

Video: NDC & the Corporate Travel Buyer

Learn how Sabre is partnering with customers throughout the ecosystem, including corporations, to drive this change. Hear from leading corporate travel buyers representing Oracle, Siemens and Microsoft on how these conversations are continuing and expanding as NDC becomes real.



NDC is changing the travel retailing conversation; but it won’t happen in silos and it won’t happen overnight.  Sabre is partnering with customers throughout the ecosystem to drive this change.

How are your relationships with technology partners changing?

Peggy Medeiros, Travel Program Integration (Americas), Siemens

Our relationship with our tech partners is really evolving where we’re becoming far more intimately engaged with the entire value chain.  So we’re working much more closely with our TMC, OVT and airline partners and of course with our GDS partners.

Rita Visser, Director of Global Travel Procurement and GPO, Oracle

We’re taking conversations to the next level; so it’s moving the relationship from a very transactional conversation to one that’s looking at innovation, technology, future.  They’re asking me questions know that they haven’t been asking me before.

How do we continue this progress?

What I would love to see more of in the collective players and the industry is really that entire value chain collaboration.

Travel buyers are dependent on the value chain to work together. The solutions have to be agnostic. We can’t solve in just one channel or silo. – Diane Lundeen Smith, Gloval Travel Sourcing Manager, Microsoft

Partnership in Action

My most valuable takeaway from today specifically has been understanding the complexity that happens within the value chain.  I think it’s great for us on the buyer side to be able to see that there are conversations that are happening that maybe we don’t know about but are getting us further along.

What impact will NDC have on corporate travel programs?

 Doug Debaltzo, Global Travel Director, Gallagher

The biggest change I see in our business once NDC is implemented and developed a scale is really traveler credibility. You begin to combat this issue of leakage. So what do you do if a traveler books outside your system? Yyou’re not taking advantage of any discount programs and packages you might have with the airlines.

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You are losing your visibility and duty of care and so forth.  But I think even more critically you’re losing a little bit of trust in the traveler community that you indeed are presenting the lowest fares and the best options to your travelers.

So what’s next?

Yanik Hoyles, Director of NDC Programs, IATA

Here, from the work we’re doing with our travel managers advisory groups in Europe and North America – which are corporate buyers who work with us to better understand the impact of NDC, how to exploit more value from the corporate travel point of view of

We’re really seeing that they’ll have benefits in several areas: better visibility, because they’ll be more information coming through the pipes; better control, again it all comes through that pipe; less how-to policy; but also the ability to provide a better customer experience to their traveler.  The traveler will have the ability to have a greater value in the package they benefit from.  And the corporate buyer will also be able to negotiate with the airline different perks, because they have better information and data,

they have better information on the usage of some of the perks, they’ll be able to negotiate better deals.

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