Collaborating to bring NDC to life

Video: Collaborating to Bring NDC to Life

Collaboration is central to our Beyond NDC strategy. While many in the industry are looking to technology leaders, like Sabre, to develop NDC solutions, we are working with leaders throughout the ecosystem to ensure our solutions deliver a win-win-win for all.



Joel Bailey, Vice President of Global Solutions, Travel and Transport Inc

We have a very tightly integrated ecosystem. Every player has a different role within the distribution of travel to the end consumer whether that’s corporate or leisure.

Tye Radcliffe, Director of Distribution, United Airlines

We have airlines, cruise lines, travel agencies, all the decision makers in a room together thinking through the solutions.  All the way from shopping, booking, payment systems, everything you need. We’ve come together to think through what are those challenges, and what do we need to do to make NDC a reality?

What key issues do we need to solve collectively?

Kalle Immonen, Head of Distribution & Revenue Protection

I think we need to get together at the middleman and back office services of those processes that are happening in the hidden environment, and then also explore what could one order eventually bring to us.  That will be a big game changer, but we need to work a lot towards that goal.


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The first thing that comes to my mind is as we make personalized offers available to customers, the tools that customers use to shop have to be updated to support this new content.  And it’s not just a one and done.  Whether they’re using a corporate booking tool or any type of online booking tool, they have to be enhanced to support this new type of content that we want to make available.  It’s critical to make NDC a success.

What’s the most important role of technology providers?

We have built, as an industry, a very efficient environment, so what we’re looking for are technology providers that really focus on not only delivery the value of NDC, but how those elements integrate throughout the entire value process, from shopping all the way through fulfillment, to changes and supporting that reservation in the future.

Technology is everything.  And that’s what’s going to make NDC successful.

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