After more than two years, we’re back in the office. That’s the reason we asked Magdalena Walas about her memories of Sabre’s move to the Tischner Office in a special issue of People Stories.

  1. You have been associated with Sabre for many years and were instrumental in the office space creation and opening. Could you share the journey of the Tischnera office?
    The journey of moving Sabre Poland to the Tischnera Office started in 2019 when we decided to transition to a better work environment for improved collaboration and engagement. Also, our Buma building lease was expiring and it triggered the search for a new home for Sabre.
  2. Why did Sabre choose this office? What stands out this building from others?
    The access to public transport, excellent location and modern infrastructure convinced us about Tischnera Office. With a safe and contemporary work set-up, the office allows for training and development opportunities for our team. As one of the greenest and most environmentally conscious office buildings in Krakow, it also feels great to work in such a space.
  3. Can you share the complexities of moving the company to a new office?
    The move proved to be a complex project, the biggest one that I have ever worked on. A multidisciplinary and international team engaged on the project, and we invited our team members to get involved wherever it was possible – choosing the names for the conference rooms, selecting furniture, and even identifying the type of coffee they prefer to drink!
    We completed the project on time and felt proud of the achievement. We opened the Tischnera Office on schedule – February 10, 2020.
  4. How did the pandemic affect the functioning of the office?
    Due to the pandemic we unfortunately had to introduce restrictions to the office. We worked remotely for over 2 years – starting just a month after the opening. We monitored the situation and opened a part of the office as soon as we felt it was possible. Our team members’ safety has always been our priority and have done the very best to make people want to work from the office whenever they can. Some of our team members were frequently visiting the office often.
  5. What are your feelings connected with office re-opening?
    I’m happy that on Monday, April 4, 2022, we are re-opening the rest of the office space. It feels good to finally see each other in person, have lunch together, take advantage of our terraces for the coffee break and more. It is great to be back!