Effective development of the aviation industry is possible primarily thanks to technology – this is one of the most important conclusions of this year’s edition of the Aviation Market Congress which took place in Warsaw. 

According to the PricewaterhouseCoopers report, the Polish aviation industry shows one of the strongest growth potentials in Europe, as evidenced by predictions that say that airports in Poland will serve more than 50 million people in 2019. During Aviation Market Congress in Warsaw, experts estimate that further effective development of airports is possible primarily thanks to technology.

Artificial intelligence mechanisms are something that airports cannot skip if they want to develop properly. With the forecasted increase in air traffic, scalability can only be ensured through technology. From this perspective, the experience of travelers is particularly important and this is an aspect that we can strengthen through technology – said Oktawiusz Kacza, vice president of Airline Solutions at Sabre. 

In the process of digitization, airports must take into account the biggest problems of their users, while analyzing which technologies they face most often. Expectations of travelers are associated not so much with the journey itself as with the stages that precede it. – Passengers want comfort, self-service and a large selection of travel options based on their individual preferences – said Wojciech Gworek, vice president of technology platform at Sabre.

In terms of passenger comfort, the use of biometric technology to identify passengers is increasingly important. It allows you to completely automate all phases that you need to go through before boarding – check-in, bag drop, and boarding. Thanks to biometrics, all these operations to go much faster, eliminating the need to check the ticket or documents.

New Central Polish Airport as a challenge and an opportunity

In the opinion of specialists, a good opportunity to enter strongly with modern technologies will be the Central Polish Airport, which is to be put into operation by 2027. Among them, they mention artificial intelligence, machine learning or 5G technology. – The 5G network can redefine the way travelers will move around airports – admits Oktawiusz Kacza.

During the Aviation Market Congress, experts also emphasized that it is important to maintain an appropriate balance between previous traveler experience and the implementation of new technologies, focusing not on revolution, but evolution in this area. Too hasty actions can make technological education of passengers more expensive than the technology itself. However, there is no doubt that new technologies drive the development of the entire industry.