In the fourth episode of Soaring with Sabre, we chat with Pawel Polit. He talks about his 5-years journey in our company, about motivation and development. Pawel also shares what is the best part of work in Sabre – in his opinion.

1. In your journey with Sabre for over 5 years you have changed business units and roles, which is very inspiring. Tell us how was the experience? 

Changing the business units and roles was a very interesting experience because I had the possibility to increase my technical and business knowledge. 

2. What motivates you to look at different roles as you progressed in your career? 

My motivation to look at different roles was my willingness to increase knowledge about technologies used in other Sabre projects.   

3. How would you advice people who want to consider internal moves like you have done? 

In case of willingness to change a role, I would say it is a good idea to look at internal possibilities first. 

4. What has been your biggest learning as you worked through different business teams? 

My biggest learning was that teams can work in a slightly different model, and each has their own advantages and disadvantages. 

5. What’s the best part of Sabre that you like? 

The best part of Sabre is the people I work with.