In the seventh episode of Soaring with Sabre, we chat with Malgorzata Topor as she shares her experiences of working for over 10 years with the company. Having changed multiple teams and roles, she talks of the opportunities team members have to expand their horizons and fulfill their aspirations.

1.  In your journey with Sabre for over 10 years you have changed business units and roles, which is very inspiring. Tell us how was the experience? 

The change of role in the team was very exciting for me as it marked a significant change in my career path. I must admit that at first, I was very scared of how my teammates would react to the news that I was going to be their supervisor. I was also afraid of whether I would be able to face the challenges and whether I would be able to. In those days, I kept asking myself: what will happen if I am not a good manager? Will I be able to return to my previous role? On the other hand, I had a thousand thoughts, what could be improved in our team, so that people could work easier, that work would be a pleasure for them and an opportunity for development. Over time, it turned out that not only did my coworkers accept me in my new role, but they supported me a lot and they support me every day, and all my fears did not come true. I also received a lot of support from my director, from the Recruitment and People Team, and I noticed that they were helping me and cheering me on. It was a great feeling.  

 2. What motivates you to look at different roles as you progressed in your career? 

I really appreciate working at Sabre because it is a company that cares about employees. Therefore, when I look for new proposals in the company, I think not only about what would give me happiness and development opportunities, but also in which area my knowledge and skills will be most useful. People are also important, and those we have in the company are superb! I also love complex and interesting projects and related challenges. This is something that just absorbs me. 

 3. How would you advice people who want to consider internal moves like you have done? 

Even if you are afraid, try it. Don’t wait. If in doubt, talk to someone who will support you, such as your manager or recruitment department. Before changing teams, talk to the people in the new team or with the hiring manager in that team. If you don’t meet all the requirements, don’t give up. Find out what you need to learn and try again once you will be ready. 

 4. What has been your biggest learning as you worked through different business teams? 

Even if you are afraid, try it.

5. What’s the best part of Sabre that you like? 

The best part of Sabre are people I work with.