The main character in the next episode of our people stories is Jadwiga Zagzial, who already works 12 in the same area, but changed her role three times.

1. In your journey with Sabre for over 12 years you have changed teams and roles, which is very inspiring. Tell us how was the experience?

I joined Sabre over 12 years ago. I’ve spent all this time in The People Team but in 3 various roles: Recruiting, Payroll and People Business Partner. Each role gave me expertise and exposure to People Team’s work from different angles and let me grow further.

2. What motivates you to look at different roles as you progressed in your career?

Sabre gives enormous “on the job” learning opportunities. To me, it is a natural career path to acquire specialized HR knowledge and then leverage it in People Business Partner scope of duties where experience in different HR fields is essential and very helpful.

What is also motivating me, are people I’ve had great pleasure working with. Learning from their experience and knowing we act as a team.

3. What would you advise people who want to consider internal moves like you have done?

Be honest and transparent with your leaders regarding your goals, future career plans, be open and seek for feedback.

4. What has been your biggest learning as you worked through different business teams?

Key take away from working in different teams are people. Our role as People Team is support Team Members and help them understand our processes, benefits, labor law provisions etc. and make their working life easier and satisfying.

5. What’s the best part of Sabre that you like?

Experienced and engaged People, interesting projects with global scope, charity initiatives which allow share great moments with others and real friends I have within the company! OLDER