In this episode of Soaring with Sabre, we chat with Agnieszka Tynor-Gołofit. She talks about her 14-years journey in our company, about motivation and development. Agnieszka also shares what is the best part of work in Sabre – in her opinion.

  1. In your journey with Sabre for over 14 years you have changed business units and roles, which is very inspiring. Tell us how was the experience?

    Over those years I had an opportunity to work for various teams, positions and on different products. It gave me a unique chance to learn and grow both technically and as a person. It was always an exciting and at the same time challenging experience. It helped me to better understand Sabre business, what we do, how we help our customers address their needs and challenges. But first and foremost, I met incredibly talented people, who helped me grow and thanks to them I am where I am right now.
  2. What motivates you to look at different roles as you progressed in your career?

    I’ve always been motivated by the product and area I was moving to, as well as people I was about to work with. As I progress with my career as well as my skills, I always felt I have knowledge and experience to offer for the product to succeed. Now, as a people leader, I’m motivated by the Team I work with, great professionals I can learn from and get better at what I’m doing.
  3. How would you advise people who want to consider internal moves like you have done?

    First, I would like to encourage everyone to move internally as this is a unique opportunity to learn and grow as well as meet new people, create your professional network of the “go to” colleagues. With the company the size of Sabre, we all have a chance to work on various products, learn new skills, solve complex challenges, and never get bored. Additionally, I would encourage you not to put too much pressure on yourselves as you are new to the Team, product, and processes. It is always a learning curve and I assure you it gets better over time. You are more confident with what you’re doing, and it is just a matter of time when you become an expert.
  4. What has been your biggest learning as you worked through different business teams?

    Despite of obvious things like learning new products, technologies, helping drive complex initiatives, my biggest learning is that we should always put people first. This is regardless of our job title, business team, work we’re doing. Work relationships, cooperation, dialogue is what makes me truly fulfilled at work. I learned how to create safe and open environment for people to exchange ideas, feel comfortable when asking questions and not being judged for not knowing everything.
  5. What’s the best part of Sabre that you like?

    There are several things I like about Sabre. As I mentioned earlier it’s people, incredibly skilled professionals, and friendly atmosphere they create. I’m fortunate to work with and learn from the best talents here at Sabre. It’s the variety of products I could work on, learn travel business from both the end users and providers perspective. And finally, Sabre communities, especially Women in Technology, a group of great professionals, supporting each other and promoting women in tech companies.