On January 15-16, 2022 Sabre Polska partnered at BITEhack 2022 – a 24-hour event for students and technology enthusiasts to mentor and curate cool ideas for solving business challenges

BITEhack participants, in teams of 4, had 24 hours to propose and present their solutions to problems. The hackathon organized by BEST AGH Kraków brought together numerous technology enthusiasts who shared their passion, determination and creativity.

This year, participants focused on contemporary topics such as efficient food production, crop monitoring and time management. Several projects have great potential to influence our lives in various areas in the future.

“These types of meetings are a good opportunity to blend two groups: young, talented and ambitious students with our experienced experts. Students often have great ideas and experts can support them in solving specific problems. It is also an opportunity to meet young technology enthusiasts, tell them about our company, our projects and technology. Who knows, maybe we’ll meet again during our Summer Internship” – said Filip Rieger, Senior College Recruiting Representative at Sabre Polska.

Mentors from various companies, including Sabre Polska, engaged students in the preparation of their projects. The jury then assessed all the projects and selected the winners of BITEhack 2022.

“Once again, I have the pleasure to act as a juror at the BITEhack event. The creativity and energy of young people are addictive. I would like to congratulate everyone on the work done and I am glad that I could be part of this event” – said Andrzej Licherowicz, Senior Manager – Software Engineering at Sabre Polska.

Sabre Polska will participate in several student events in the coming months. Follow our social media to find out more and we look forward to meeting you.