The “Tech Leaders Mentoring Program” is a four month long training course organized by the Women in Technology community with Sabre Poland as the supporting partner. The aim of this unique initiative is to create an opportunity for mentees to meet and work with experienced mentors from the IT business. The program is dedicated to female developers from small, middle and large companies, for those looking to start a business or already have a business and are looking to grow it.

The Tech Leader program is focused on personal development. Nevertheless, it is up to the participants to choose what they want to learn during these four months. They may want to learn to code in a particular technology, prepare or upgrade their portfolio, take a professional headshot, develop sales skills, update their resume, prepare for an interview, learn about team management and resolve challenges in project management. Each participant is a unique individual who pursues her own idea of life and personal development.

In the current program, there are more than 60 mentors associated with different areas ranging from programming, UX, graphic design, management, marketing, PR and more. These mentors will help women discover answers to questions in a meeting about once a week. Mentoring sessions are conversations, during which the mentor and the participant establish goals for the next four months, discuss the current challenges or verify the implementation plan. The mentor monitors her progress, advises, suggests alternative solutions, supports and sometimes even cheers her up. Our mentors are from different cities or even countries (one of them lives in the United States), so sometimes it’s essential to work remotely. However, with today’s technology, distance is no barrier.

The first edition of Tech Leaders received a lot of positive recommendations and found a warm welcome in the local IT society. During the program some of the participants improved their knowledge of front-end, UX or programming in different languages and they made great progress. One of mentees created an application that will help children learn letters and she is still working on developing it. Others made their own websites, extended their portfolios and strengthened their public brand image.

The second edition of the mentoring program starts on November 2nd and it lasts until March 2nd. There is strong Sabre representation from many areas of our business and not just from Poland. An HR Director at Sabre in the U.S., Jamille V. McCullough is responsible for developing and delivering HR solutions and talent management for a global client group. Aleksandra Mika, an Agile Coach at Sabre in Poland, specializes in large transformation projects. Natalia Jasińska, Software Development Manager at Sabre in Poland, Cezary Żminkowski, Senior Software Development Director at Sabre in Poland is responsible for TripCase, Monika Braun from the QA team and Anna Szwiec, (Software Developer?), also a dedicated Women in Technology organizer. They will commit their time to share their experience and knowledge and also stay in contact with their mentee for up to 6 months after the end of the program.