Sabre Poland is opening new doors – to the Innovation Lab! This is a unique place to stimulate creativity and to solve travel industry most pressing needs through innovation and entrepreneurship.

Innovation Lab is a space for our employees to experiment, learn, find new solutions and work together. They can use it for several hours a week to work on their ideas, not necessarily related to work or daily tasks. The idea of ​​creating such place was born in the minds of the employees themselves.

On the opening day we saw prototypes of robots and devices such as air pollution sensors. There were also presented the capabilities of 3D printer and milling machine. However, the most popular were virtual reality devices.

Our lab includes:

  • 3D printer
  • Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality equipment,
  • Robot construction kit,
  • Internet of Things devices,
  • Access to quantum computer via IBM Cloud.

Collected tools allow to break away from work and even play. We hope this will create innovative ideas and projects. The project is just starting and the Innovation Lab will be expanded over time, based on the needs.