As the Sabre Polska will relocate to the top six floors in the Tischnera Office in 2020, we’ve got more details about the new facility. Employees will have an area of over 15 000 square meters and four green terraces with a total area of 1,400 square meters. Check out more numbers related to the new office.

On May 22, Sabre Polska has celebrated a great moment – cutting the ribbon ceremony on the construction site of a new home – Tischnera Office. Sabre will relocate in 2020, but we’ve got more details about the new facility. 

The technology company’s new development center in Krakow will have 15 990 square meters located on 6 floors with 1971 desks. There will be 76 conference rooms and 15 chillouts. 346 underground parking spots will be available for cars (on -2 and -1 levels) and there will be also 100 underground bicycle spots. What is more, there will be a charger for electric cars.

Sabre employees will have 4 lifts available only for them and as many as 12 kitchens/tea points in total. There will be also a lot of new amenities – e.g. Silent Room, Cutover Room, VIP zone, Health Room, Town Hall Room for 300 people and the terraces. 

New office by the numbers:

  • 15 990 square meters
  • 6 floors
  • 1971 desks
  • 76 conference rooms
  • 15 chillouts
  • 346 underground parking spots
  • 100 underground bicycle spots
  • 4 lifts only for employees
  • 12 kitchens/tea points