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Koderek – how to teach kids to program?

On Saturday, October 7th, two schools in Warsaw hosted the second edition of Koderek – conference dedicated to children regarding digital world and new technologies. The aim of the event was to promote and transfer knowledge from field of computer science and to teach programming by fun. There were also activities for adults – such as discussions on learning and motivation methods and hackathon. Sabre was one of the partners of Koderek.

We live in times, where everyone is using digital solutions, and the Internet is the most key area of communication and learning. But can we use the tools we have? Do we feel safe with modern technologies? The aim of the Koderek was not only to promote and communicate knowledge from IT professionals to kids, but also to teach creative programming, teamwork, develop interpersonal skills and meet with experts. Children after participating in the classes should feel confident in digital world.

Important goal of the Koderek was to provide innovative support for education through workshops, that are fully interactive and different from conventional classroom activities. In one of them appeared robots Dash and Dot, which were presented by Anna Szwiec from Sabre. The objective of participants was to program Dash to carry out a rescue mission and help his friend. While completing these tasks, the participants learned the capabilities of the Wonder robots and how to develop strategies for solving problems.