At the end of November, Sabre Polska- as a co-organizer of GDG Cloud Kraków – hosted DevFest Polska 2021. It was a day full of valuable speeches, an exchange of experiences and a great opportunity for networking.

At the end of October, Sabre Polska and GFT established Krakow’s Cloud Google Developer Group (GDG). Both companies partnered to create a forum for advanced discussions on Cloud technologies and to advance the future of cloud computing.

On November 27th GDG Cloud Krakow – in collaboration with GDG from Warsaw, Wroclaw, Poznan and Tri-City – hosted DevFest Polska 2021 at Tischnera Office. DevFest is well-known and one of the most important annual conferences for programmers and all fans of Google’s technologies.

The conference topics covered various areas – like Kotlin Shared Flow, Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile and animations in a Flutter. Experts from all over Poland shared their knowledge and experience. Over 40 participants actively participated in the event through numerous questions in the Q&A sessions.

“For 10 years Google Developer Groups (GDG) in Poland have been organizing cyclical conferences during which developers exchange insights and knowledge, establish contact with each other and learn how Google technology affects the world around us. DevFest is one of the most important series of technology conferences organized by GDG, gathering thousands of developers around the world” – said Karolina Kudla, Community Manager at Google. 

“The work of a programmer is associated with the continuous development of your skills and learning new technologies. The DevFest conference was a chance to meet the IT industry community and gain new skills. We are glad that we could be one of the co-organizers of such an important event” – said Andrzej Lichnerowicz, member of GDG Cloud Kraków and Senior Software Engineering Manager at Sabre Polska. 

A few days earlier, the first Cloud Krakow Meetup took place – also at Tischnera Office. Thanks to the great commitment of the Cloud community in Krakow, GDG Cloud Krakow is already planning events for 2022. Stay tuned for more details.