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Join us in solving complex problems in a dynamic industry!

Our systems work 24 hours a day, every day, processing more than 60,000 transactions a second at peak demand. Throughout our journey, we have transformed and modernized the travel industry, by investing hundreds of millions of dollars in research and development to create the next generation of e-commerce and Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions.

Join our C++ developers and you will:

  • Develop, code, test and debug new moderately complex software solutions
  • Be exposed to both internal and external systems and applications is an excellent way to start or advance your career
  • Learn about open-source software, frameworks, and broader cutting-edge technologies around server-side development

Sabre Polska is a voting member of the ISO C++ Committee and our representatives are members of the Polish National Body with voting rights. Join our C++ community to have an influence on C++ standardization and learn from the best.

We are also organizing weekly C++ chats where you can learn more C++ than your teachers ever taught you.

In our day-to-day operation, we employ a variety of technologies. Our developers have many opportunities to work with: C++ development in Linux and Windows environment, Web API, RESTFUL and SOAP Services, Perl, Python, and Unix shell scripting, Boost and STL C++ Libraries, RDBMS (Oracle, MySQL) systems, and NoSQL stores, Docker, Kubernetes.

Teams have reasonable autonomy in selecting third-party open-source libraries, tools, and their versions. Some teams use GCC 10.2 compiler. Some use Boost.ASIO for concurrency, and GTest for unit testing.

The skillset will depend on your seniority level, business unit, and the specific of your team.

Our C++ engineers’ testimonials

Marcin Olszewski, Principal Software Development

C++ is the right response when it comes to processing tens of thousands of transactions per second – while minimizing the processing time of a transaction. We build highly scalable, multithreaded C++ applications in a distributed, cloud-based environment – the backend of Sabre solutions, which enables customers to shop and book travel all around the world.

Łukasz Czajczyk, Senior Principal Solution Architecture

Sabre is known for mission-critical high throughput low latency systems. This is a perfect world for C++ where every CPU cycle counts. But efficient does not mean legacy, in Sabre Labs, we are building an integrated environment for C++20 development based on the latest technologies from Google like Bazel Build, gRPC, and Protocol Buffers.

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