Przemek Kadela, Principal Agile Coach at Sabre Poland, has been involved in the Agile Central Europe (ACE!) conference for many years. In the special edition of People Stories, he told us more about the organization of the event.

  1. You have been engaged with the Agile Central Europe (ACE) conference for many years. How do you see the association and interaction?

Yes, I have led Sabre’s association with the conference since 2016. At Sabre, every year, a group of enthusiasts keen to share their knowledge, skills, and experience converged to make this association a success. The ACE event organizers have provided us the flexibility to realize this passion through mini-workshops, competitions, or discussions. ACE and Sabre complemented each other well in the Agile domain.

  1. What are the biggest benefits of this association?

By appearing at ACE, Sabre is able to presents its thought leadership in agile values and thinking. At the same time, by conducting workshops and enhancing knowledge and experience for the community, we are able showcase real work and transformation taking place. Participation allows us to build a network of business contacts both for relationships and future collaboration. We were also able to benchmark our approach to agility with other organizations around the world.

  1. Why is it worth joining Sabre as a Scrum Master or Agile Coach?

Sabre operating model has its roots in Agile thinking for several years. Most engineering teams in the company use Scrum or are moving in that direction. In recent months, Kanban has been gaining more popularity at Sabre. As an innovative organization, we need processes that involve not only individual teams, but also entire products and different parts of the business. To combine them into a flexible structure, we use scaling techniques from, for example, SAFe or Scrum of Scrums.

For all this to work, we need people who know Scrum, think agile, and are ready to lead the change – both within the team and as leaders or product managers.