Personalized offers and solutions continue to bring forth several radical changes within the travel industry and it will usher in a new era. There are several use cases already of how personalization has not only boosted customer delight and the traveler experience, but it has also paved the way for new TravelTech solutions to gain entry into the market.

In the first ever Sabre Ascent session Madhavan Menon, Chairman and Managing Director, Thomas Cook India, spoke to Jaya Kumar K, VP and MD, Sabre Bengaluru GCC, about personalization and customer-centricity in Travel.

During the session, Mr. Menon talked about how the pandemic turned out to be an opportunity, and allowed organizations to rejig and transform themselves. He also observed how despite various geopolitical and socio-economic factors, travel is picking up across most parts of the world owing to both corporate and leisure travelers. Mr. Menon shares how technology and personalization play a huge role in catering to the evolving customer needs, especially in price-sensitive markets like India. Both Mr. Menon and Jaya also talked about how attracting the right talent is key for the industry grow, and they shared how despite all odds, the Travel and Hospitality industries still offer safe, secure and lucrative job opportunities.

Here’s a recording of the webinar for those who missed attending the session –