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Sabre Optimises Revenue Streams, One Byte at a Time

“On Engineer’s Day, let’s honor the incredible innovations and unwavering commitment of Indian tech experts who are helping bring on the future, one byte at a time. In a nation where diversity flourishes, our engineers harness the power of unity in technology, creating solutions that bridge gaps, empower dreams, and redefine possibilities. We are the architects of progress, weaving code into the fabric of change and forging a future where innovation knows no bounds. As a woman tech leader, I proudly stand alongside the brilliant minds of India, where tradition meets innovation and where engineering is not just a profession but a promise to shape a brighter tomorrow. Among the countless innovations, one standout creation is Sabre Revenue Integrity. It’s not just a product; it’s the answer to a thorny problem. In the dynamic travel industry, we’ve engineered a platform that seamlessly optimizes an airline’s revenue streams, maintaining operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. These processes involve a range of strategies and technologies designed to identify and address potential revenue leakage, minimize fraud, and enhance pricing and inventory management.”

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This industry story featuring Sumana Kamath appeared in the Times Techies section of the Times of India and was also published in Silicon India.