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Communication Excellence Building Bridges for Seamless Collaboration

The importance of communication cannot be overstated, as “wherever life exists, communication exists too”. Being derived from a Latin word ‘Communicare’ the word Communication refers to the act of ‘sharing’. In general, Communication is a phenomenon that includes the process of transmitting information, thoughts, ideas, and emotions from one person to another; thereby it touches every aspect of human interaction and contributes to the success of individuals, relationships, and organizations.

Since beginning, communication hold its own importance in uplifting personal and professional life, however with evolving trends of corporate world today we are witnessing the true potential of it.  With each change taking place in the corporate world, communication proves itself as an important tool in simplifying corporate affairs. And, mastering communication has never been this important as today we do spend 70–80 percent of working time on some kind of communication (reading, writing, and listening to our co-workers). Hence, it is considerable that good communication is a ticket to success.

In a conversation with Women Entrepreneur magazine, Anuroopa, shares her insights on various aspects pertaining to the importance of communication. Below are the excerpts from the exclusive interview.

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This article written by Anuroopa Pereira was published on Women Entrepreneur India.