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The Sabre Global Capability Center (GCC) at Bengaluru began its operations in 2005 and currently employs 1750+ technologists focused on re-imagining the business of travel. Located in 163 lakh sq. ft. office space at the International Technology Park, Bengaluru, this GCC was set up with an aim of supporting Sabre’s global operations and clients across businesses while focusing on accelerating product innovation, development, and global operations.

The center has been instrumental in developing software solutions that have driven the future of the global travel marketplace across airlines, airports, hotels, car rental outlets, railways and cruise lines, tour operators, travel agencies, travel management companies, and corporate travel departments. Sabre India was twice named (in 2009 and 2016) amongst the best companies to work for by the Great Place to Work Institute ®.

Technologies and solutions in use:

  • Operating Systems: Transaction Processing Facility (TPF), Red Hat Linux, Microsoft Window
  • Programming Languages and methodologies: S390 assembler, ISO-C on TPF, JAVA, JavaScript, Python, Scala, Groovy, C++, TDD, BDD, Agile, XP, Microsoft .Net, Ruby on Rails
  • Databases: MongoDB on TPF, TPF Database Facility (TPFDF), Vertica, AWS Redshift, SQL: Oracle, mySQL, MariaDB, MSSQL; No-SQL: Couchbase, Mongo
  • Security and Encryption: Cloud Hardware Security Module (HSM) for digital signature
  • Messaging: Websphere MQ, EDIFACT, Teletype, HTTP, Kafka
  • Desktop UI/UX: Java Swing, Citirx
  • Web UX/UI: Responsive Design, Html5, JavaScript, React, Redux, CSS, Desktop, WEB, Mobile products development, Ext Js, Sabre spark, React JS, JQuery , Bootstrap, Angular
  • Data Access: Spring JDBC Template, Spring Data Mongo, Hibernate
  • SOA- service-oriented architecture, micro-services
  • Data Service: REST/JSON, SOAP/XML
  • Frameworks/Tools: Spring, SpringBoot, Install4j, Tomcat, Mule, Memcache
  • SDLC: Agile SCRUM methodology, TDD, BDD
  • Architecture: Monolithic,  Microservices
  • Cloud Tech: AWS, Azure
  • Deployment/Provisioning: Ansible, AWS Cloud Formation, Docker, Openshift Container Platform
  • Big data: Apache Spark, Hadoop, Hive, Spark, Kafka, Flume, Airflow, Talend, R
  • Data Lake / Data Warehouse: Hadoop, Teradata
  • ETL Tech: Talend, AWS Glue
  • Client Server and Cloud computing : SOA, Microservices, J2EE, .Net, AWS, Azure, Redhat Openshift, Docker
  • Visualization: Tableau, Cognos

A tribute to our team-spirit

Sabre Bengaluru GCC has been consistently featured in India’s ‘Great Places to Work’ (GPTW) rankings. Since its inception, ours has been a workplace bustling with ideas and activity:

  • BlitzCode: A flagship event at Sabre’s Global Capability Center (GCC), Bengaluru that’s held every year with an aim to solve key business challenges in the travel industry. Each year, over 300+ employees come together and participate in a three to five-day long hackathon and compete to create 100% production-ready codes.
    #SuperBlitzCode2020– a 72 – hour coding hackathon challenge conducted in February this year, saw over 51 teams competing to devise unique solutions for our existing customer challenges. 8 of these team’s codes are under production!
  • The Big Pitch: A platform where employees pitch a new business idea to a team of executives, gets mentored by top technocrats and brings ideas into life while solving various customer challenges
  • Solve!T :  An internal platform at Sabre to share engineering best practices and find ways to enhance customer solution frameworks. Till date, since it’s inception 3 years ago, employees at Sabre have learned from over 50 sessions.
  •  Unconferences: Learning is an integral part of Sabre’s DNA. One of the regular learning events we have is Unconference – An unconventional platform, curated and led by a dynamic bunch of employees from the  Ascenders (Young Professionals Council). In this forum, employees take turns to share expertise and help each other grow personally and professionally.
  • Women in Technoloy (W!T): A community of like-minded women proactively working towards attracting, engaging, developing and retaining women in technology positions at Sabre.
  • Employee Development day: A day that celebrates personal commitment to learning, awareness and networking. 1000+ employees engage, interact and develop an understanding of cross-businesses through this platform.
  • Other noted platforms that breeds creativity and innovation at Sabre include: Hack Day, Winglets, HoneNext, Tech Meet Ups, codathons, Intern Boot Camp and more
  • High level of participation in technology and leadership forums
  • Consistent presence in technology and management media, and
  • Thousands of hours dedicated by employees to drive social and environmental change, as part of our corporate responsibility mission