One of the most crucial aspect of any travel is accommodation. Regardless of preferences, travellers want to start and end each day comfortably. While hotel stays can be memorable for many reasons, hoteliers must now provide more than just a comfortable bed and clean rooms. It is now imperative to harness customer data to elevate the guest experience.

Technology at the heart of true hospitality

For many hoteliers, the challenge is that there are many factors influencing the ability for a guest to feel welcome. The multiple touchpoints, from research to booking, make it difficult to deliver an optimised experience that will make guests come back.

It is no longer about providing the best service, but rather about providing the most personalised experience. Every traveller is unique and displays different preferences, from the way they research, purchase their trip, book their stay, etc. A one size fits all approach does not work – personal preferences must be considered, and this can only be achieved through platforms that compile all the traveller journey touchpoints.

The power of customer analytics is crucial for hotels. For example, mobile apps, beacons and previously noted guest preferences offer a wealth of valuable data and insights that can help tailor recommendations, rewards and offerings to each guest.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered solutions, such as the Sabre developed SynXis Analytics Cloud, are another way to offer predictive analytics and pattern recognition that can provide actionable insights to hoteliers. Built from the ground up for the hospitality industry, SynXis Analytics Cloud leverages AI, big data, and modern visualizations, to help hotels better identify opportunities that will improve revenue and the overall guest experience.

Data elevates the guest experience

Mobile technology generates customised services and experiences that are unique to each traveller. The data they capture can allow hotel managers to offer customers what they want, before they know they want it.

With technology comes the possibility of building a personal experience for travellers. To succeed, hotels need an overview of their travellers’ needs at every step of their journey, in addition to the capability to analyse data to keep travellers engaged, even after the trip, with relevant offers and enticing deals. In a competitive industry, hotels who embrace data to initiate stronger engagement touchpoints are best positioned to have customers coming back for more.

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