Today the number of Developers globally is estimated at around 21 million, a rapidly growing figure expected to reach 25 million by 2020. And much of that growth is expected to come from within Asia Pacific[i].

So it’s no coincidence that Sabre’s next global hackathon, Destination Hack, is headed to Asia Pacific for the first time this October.

Between 14 to 16 October 2016 global developers, entrepreneurs and members of the travel startup community will come together in Singapore to code against-the-clock for the chance to win a Grand Prize of US$10,000 for ‘Best New Technology Application’.

The theme?

The challenge?
Developers will use Sabre’s API portfolio and software development kits in conjunction with third party technologies to conceptualise and code new Applications designed to enhance anything to do with travel – from shopping and selling to the travel experience.

The hackathon is being held in partnership with WIT and in conjunction with the WIT Conference taking place Oct 17-19, where the winner will have the chance to present their Application. In addition to the grand prize competition, Developers – who can compete individually or in teams – will be entered into a series of sponsored challenges including ‘Best Use of Virtual Reality’ and other categories like chatbot and augmented reality usage.

Are you a Developer? Interested in reinventing travel through new technology applications? Fancy winning $10,000? Simple…Register now!

Registration closes on 30 September 2016. For more information visit Destination Hack: Singapore. 

[i] Evans Data Corporation Global Developer Population and Demographic Study 2016