EmergingTechnologyin Travel

2018 Report

Sabre Labs is excited to share our Emerging Technology in Travel Report 2018. It distills our last year of research and exploration to three themes—automation, authenticity and blockchain—to help businesses make strategic decisions for 2018 and beyond.

In addition to the full report, we've prepared separate executive summaries for airlines, hotels and agencies.



For most of history, automation focused on physical tasks. Today, new technologies spurred by advances in artificial intelligence have expanded automation to include mental tasks, changing the landscape of employment and the future of work in dramatic ways. Human connection itself is essential to the travel experience and appears virtually impossible to automate, creating exciting opportunities for airlines, hotels and agencies.



"Authenticity" has emerged as a buzzword across culture; in travel, it translates to a desire for trusted, reliable experiences and a more personal connection with people and places. In the digital age, the rise of information overload, fake content and intangible assets are increasing the premium placed on simplicity, certainty and trust. Travel is about physical presence, and digital tools are offering new ways to engage travelers to provide more rich, personalized experiences.



Blockchain headlines have been focused on the rollercoaster rise of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, but the real-world use cases are much broader. And it’s the broader use cases for blockchain technology which have the greatest potential impacts on the travel industry. We're enthusiastic about the long term potential but adamant about the need for caution and education as essential tools for making blockchain a viable enterprise technology.

Whether you read every word or just focus on recommendations for your specific industry, we hope the Emerging Technology in Travel Report 2018 is a valuable resource for your work in travel.

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