Fax or email?

Thanks to the newly announced Conferma Connect solution, “Fax or email?” will be the next question for hotels. When it comes to receiving payment details for virtual cards hotels now have the opportunity to receive confirmations via email instead of fax.

Conferma, Sabre’s partner in virtual payment technology, has developed new a proprietary solution that automatically finds the best way to securely transmit virtual card information. Today hotels receive virtual card payment information through established methods such as fax, API, or an hourly batch file – but now receiving a PCI compliant email can be an alternative option.

As hotel bookings are made and paid for with Sabre Virtual Payments, the hotel is sent the virtual card details, including the unique card number, payment restrictions, expiration date, etc …often through fax. As you can imagine this is important information needed to complete a transaction and ensure that the traveler has a smooth experience when they arrive at the hotel property.

Sabre and Conferma are listening to you as more and more agencies and corporation turn to virtual payments for security, cost and operational benefits. We are well aware that one obstacle in this new payment process is hotel acceptance.

Ensuring that a hotel is receiving the payment confirmation is key to a successful transaction and confident traveler. As Conferma rolls out their new Conferma Connect program, participating hotels will be able to receive payment details through a channel they rely on most – email.

Conferma Connect enhances an email’s level of security, using encryption mechanisms and providing additional protection to ensure the email is PCI DSS compliant. Luckily for hotels there is no need for additional software. All merchants should be able to receive the confirmation email without any impact to their existing processes or expenditure.

Conferma is in the process of testing this new technology with a number of hotel properties. We invite you to share the Conferma Connect Opt-In Portal with your network of hotels. Through the portal, hotels can opt in to receive virtual cards by secure email and/or replace fax as their default method of delivering billing information.

In early 2017, Conferma expects to sign on more hotels and broaden the list of properties taking advantage of this alternative to faxes. As more and more hotels adopt this new way of receiving virtual payments, agencies, corporations and travelers will benefit from a seamless travel experience.