We released the enhanced version of Sabre Branded Fares, with value that touches travel suppliers and buyers.

For Airlines

Airlines have been using branded fares to package their products at an enhanced value, while at the same time, building awareness of their unique brands.

Branded Fares is a solution to help airlines merchandise their products in new and different ways to travelers through the travel agency channel with features that go beyond basic fare rules. They can include anything that will entice a traveler to choose a brand such as additional air miles, lounge access, limousine services, or increased baggage allowances, with the goal of providing them greater value at the lowest fare.

The new Sabre Branded Fares allows airlines to distribute their branded fares to more than 425,000 travel agents and online travel agencies (OTAs) via Sabre’s travel marketplace. Airlines can differentiate their branded fares in the Sabre marketplace along with its own unique package of services and ancillaries.

For Agents

This enhancement allows travel agents to easily shop and book the airlines’ branded fares in the same air pricing and shopping applications that they use every day. Travelers using a Sabre-connected OTA will have access to the same branded fares and information displayed on the airlines websites.

When working in the Sabre Red Workspace, travel agents can easily see the specific brand attributes and included ancillaries simply by hovering over the brand ID or brand name, to determine the best services based on a traveler’s needs. Additionally, with one click, agents can see a comparison of attributes of all the carriers’ branded fares, making it even easier to upsell travelers to the fare family that makes the most sense for them. Agents, this means you can price and shop for airlines’ branded fares in the same way you’re used to shopping every day.

For Developers

Developers will have access to Sabre Branded Fares through an updated shopping and pricing API available via Sabre Dev Studio. You can now use the same air pricing and shopping APIs that you are already familiar with to provide the ability to easily shop and book the airlines’ branded fares.

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