There are many definitions of sustainability and there are even more people, groups, and companies trying to define it. The commonality is that all of these definitions almost always address:

  • Living within the limits
  • Understanding the interconnections among economy, society, and the environment
  • Equitable delivery of resources and opportunities

Looking back on the environmental movement of the 1970s, the Sierra Club defined sustainability as an approach to preserving natural resources by creating national parks and making a greater effort to stop polluters. From there companies like The Body Shop developed missions heavily focused on sustainability to drive their commitment to the environment and human rights, looking beyond just profitability. This movement is not only being infused into societal values, but can also be seen on the corporate level, and beyond. It’s even trending; for example, Toms shoes spurs the messages forward of “Orchestrating a Better Tomorrow” and “One for One” that are both strongly motivated by sustainability.

From a business view point it can be looked at as a set of operational principles that allow a company to sustain itself financially while being a good social and environmental steward. Sustainable livelihoods are ways of living and working that honor the interconnections between healthy human communities, intact ecosystems, and prosperous economies for current and future generations.

Sustainability is reciprocal in nature and by practicing sustainability we:

  • Reduce costs through eco-efficiency
  • Reduce risks by being even more responsible
  • Drive innovation forward by setting sustainability focused  goals
  • Create more green buildings and settings
  • Enhance brand equity
  • Enhance trust by operating in an ethical and transparent manner
  • Create stronger relationships between communities and corporations

What does sustainability mean to you and how are you participating in this worthy movement?

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