I have spent last six-to-seven years working in the manufacturing field and after graduation in the United States earlier this year, I was seeking an opportunity in some other field. Sabre came to my school for career fair. I was excited to know about the company. It grabbed my attention as it belongs to the travel industry, which impacts so many people’s day-to-day lives.

The first day at Sabre was really ecstatic and quite informative at the same time. What I like the most about Sabre is its culture and the flexibility with which they work and yet they manage to achieve their goals. Isn’t it fantastic?  Managers, supervisors and colleagues are so cordial that you don’t even feel like you are being supervised. This helped the interns   adapt to the company environment quite comfortably. People from all different sections of the business are always eager and ready to help and guide you.

One important thing to mention — I have been part of most of the executive sessions arranged especially for interns. It is exciting and fun to listen to these unique influential and charismatic leaders like Chief Product & Technology Officer Deborah Kerr, humorous Chief Financial Officer Rick Simonson and Travelocity President Carl Sparks, and I am sure there are few more like them.  It was great learning from those sessions. They shared their huge experience in the industry and gave some valuable tips for our future.

One of the most noticeable facts about Sabre I have observed is there are quite a lot of employees who have served  Sabre for decades. 15 years, 25 years…35 years… maybe more than that. I recently was a part of one such recognition ceremony for one employee in my section. It feels so nice and encouraging to see their satisfaction and pride being  part of such a great team and employer.  When asked about his most memorable experience while working for Sabre he said – “my most memorable experience would be at the time of 9/11. We worked for days and nights…sleepless…”  We could see the contentment on his face. Isn’t that  encouraging ? They celebrate individual achievements and milestones so graciously that it eventually boosts us to work harder and be dedicated to the team they belong to.

They organized a Dev  (Development) House program specially for interns. We were asked to implement new ideas for different sections of Sabre. Some of the technology mentors guided us on that.

And the best ideas will be directly applied to Sabre products and services. Now here is a great way to showcase interns’ success and keep their competitive spirit high with the best levels of their capabilities. What an achievement that could be!

Another exceptional thing about being part of Sabre are their values. They are the first travel technology company to contribute on issues like human trafficking. They make their employees aware of the shocking facts about human trafficking through informative sessions, which reflects their commitment of responsibility towards society’s and world’s betterment. I have never been part of such a program and an employer before.

All in all it has been great learning experience with fun in such a great environment. What else do you need from the place where you work…??