As Executive Vice President, Sean Menke leads the global Sabre Travel Network team.

We’ve made many significant investments in our travel marketplace to focus on the evolving needs of suppliers and agencies, and bringing data into the critical decisions that our agencies make everyday for their customers. I recently had the pleasure of attending TTX in Miami, where participants had the opportunity to see the latest innovations of Sabre Red Workspace. After tirelessly working on the next generation, it was wonderful to share it in a public forum.

As we developed and tested this new version, feedback from our customers has been invaluable. By listening to the wants and needs of both travel agencies and suppliers, we’ve integrated data-driven insights and intuitive design into the new Sabre Red Workspace. With these two crucial components, I’m confident it will transform the travel booking experience into a more engaging and satisfying experience for all stakeholders.

Leveraging data to personalize the traveler’s experience

Data, analytics, personalization and mobile have been “trending” in the marketplace for some time and offer exciting opportunities for buyers and suppliers to meet changing traveler needs.

For travelers, they want more than an itinerary. Travelers want to feel confident about their purchases and expect a trip built around choice and personalized just for them. That’s why, in addition to a superior user experience, our new Sabre Red Workspace provides travel consultants with data insights, relevant offers and price transparency.

Data and analytics are critical assets to increase productivity and efficiency in the retail world. By more quickly sorting and matching content to travelers, our travel insight engine will help drive decision-making for agents, optimize revenue for agency owners and provide true personalization for travelers.

Powerful merchandising capabilities for travel suppliers

One particular capability I’d like to point out is the enhanced merchandising functionality. This allows travel suppliers to differentiate and customize their offerings at the point-of-sale. High-impact visuals, along with other branded content, deliver more valuable travel information to travel consultants. For example, special panels provide the suppliers with additional merchandising options. This expanded visibility both enriches the travel shopping experience and enables more personalized service by consultants.

These additions to the workspace solution enable suppliers to market their services as they do in other online retail spaces and employ a seamless omni-channel strategy. In turn, this enriched content appeals to shoppers as they confidently make more insightful travel purchase decisions.

The merchandising opportunities of the new Sabre Red Workspace make travel options and special pricing more easily accessible to travel consultants. Content-rich product information and travel insight tools help consultants deliver the right offer, to the right traveler, at the right price. There are even more details regarding air, hotel and car rental options that are provided through integrated third-party apps, enabling consultants to customize their own workflow and be the most-trusted travel advisers to clients.

Well-received in the industry

Since the announcement, I’ve spoken to several customers and our provider partners. They have communicated how impressed they are with the new Sabre Red Workspace, especially the data-driven decision-support capabilities that make it easier to deliver the best travel options.

We continue to learn even more about the exciting possibilities of the new Sabre Red Workspace as we pilot the product with a number of our partners over the next several months.

Click image below to learn more about the new Sabre Red Workspace.