Sabre in now 10 years old in Bangalore! Over the last decade, the Bangalore technology development center has made a tremendous impact to the travel industry by developing cutting edge technology solutions for global clients across airlines, travel agents and hospitality sectors.

With what started as a nine person team has now grown into a team of over 900 employees who are committed to delivering solutions to our customers, from conceptualization to customer support. In honor of its 10th anniversary, we are launching A Golden Era of Inspiring Minds, blog series to showcase Sabre team members who have been a part of this inspiring growth story.

We kick off this blog series with the introduction of Sabre team member, Parameswaran Sundaramurthy, who is a true Bangalore pioneer after being a part of the team since its opening ten years ago.

As the third employee to ever join Sabre in Bangalore in May of 2005, Parameswaran, (known around the office as Parames) has ‘been there, done that.’ Parames recalls always making valuable contributions to Sabre, even since his first project of building a technology that supports Lufthansa Airlines’ airlines reservations center. Since then, he has performed multiple roles in technology consulting for our agency customers by building point-of-sale solutions, including customer profiles and pricing.

Parames has also been ‘paying it forward’ by serving as a trainer and mentor to the next generation of programmers at Sabre. After gaining his master’s degree in software engineering from Birla Institute of Technology and Science as part of a Sabre sponsored education initiative, he has been managing a team of eight other ‘Sabre-ites’ (as he likes to call them) to complete various Qik Consulting projects.

“I have seen a lot of change in terms of people, environment and growth of the Bangalore center”, Parames says. “Employees were a close knit group when I joined Sabre, but with all the great things we have done over the last 10 years, it is heartening to see how fast we have grown both in terms of the number of people, and the breadth and depth of work that we are currently doing. Looking back, I am truly proud of the contributions I have made towards the growth of this wonderful company.”

Parames lists three key reasons that make Sabre a great place to work.

  1. “Firstly, Sabre operates in a business that touches the lives of millions of people around the world in one way or the other, and when you realize that you are playing an active part in this, it naturally excites you.”
  2. “Secondly, we are finding ourselves growing very fast. With the momentum that comes with working in the technology field, it’s hard not to be enthused about coming to work every day.”
  3. “Thirdly, given the portfolio breath that we have, it offers people a variety of choices in terms of the technologies that one gets to work with,” he adds. Sabre is a place where your hard work will never go unnoticed. Career growth at Sabre happens naturally when you work hard to make an impact to your products or customers.”

During his decade of loyal service to Sabre, he has been awarded with several honors including the “Champions Award”, an employee recognition award that recognizes those who are exhibiting core values and contributing to the achievement of our objectives.

Parames is now a manager of software development, and continues to be a role model—admired and respected by his juniors, peers and seniors.

The award-winning Bangalore center was created as part of an initiative to continue bringing best-in-class technologies and support for our customers. Since its expansion in June of 2015, the Bangalore center has created more than 300 new positions to support its global customer base of more than 425,000 travel agents, 400 airlines and 176,000 hotel properties.

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