Sabre Airline Solutions continues its year-long series focused on the need for a next-generation revenue management system.

Bringing it together: airline operations through portfolio integration

The first article released examined how Total Revenue Optimization (TRO) can be realized by implementing a revenue management solution that incorporates real-time data, portfolio integration, advanced analytics, and real-time decision support. The second article takes a deeper dive into the benefits of real-time data access. The following is a preview the series’ third article discussing the benefits of a revenue management system with portfolio integration.

A siloed approach to revenue management and inventory management creates a disjointed view of current seat availability and other controls. Analysts are required to navigate through multiple applications to find relevant data points to make inventory decisions, or they just ignore the insights all-together if they did not have the comprehensive knowledge necessary to make a decision.

A next-generation revenue management solution with an integrated approach to managing inventory with revenue management controls will ensure that analysts can accurately monitor and perform actions with confidence.

Additionally, an enhanced integration that includes insights, such as the full or true origin and destination of each passenger booking will also enable an analyst to understand the booking behavior of passengers across the network.

As revenue management evolves, understanding the entire scope of commercial planning is also vital to making the right decisions. Imagine selling your route for $500 USD when a key competitor introduces a special promotion for $350 USD.

The key challenge is uncovering all of the necessary data and presenting it in an easily consumable way that allows an analyst to make decisions based on actionable insights.

Want to learn more about how airlines can increase analyst productivity and revenue opportunities through a next-generation revenue management system? Download the article here.