The ICYMI Hotsheet is a weekly round-up of topics around and beyond the travel industry. This isn’t a list of the top trends or the week’s biggest stories. It’s a selection of content that got us thinking, impressed us with design or brought us to an unexpected place. It’s quick, it’s deep, it’s urgent. Dive in!


Cars in 2025

With the news of driverless taxis making their way to the streets of Singapore, the revolution in vehicles is happening. Within this next decade, technology will drastically change the way we drive around streets and highways. From taxis to commuting to public transportation, travel will never be the same again.

Framing this revolution is this beautiful interactive microsite from Goldman Sachs and the Verge. It breaks down all the components of how technology will change cars, from materials to self-driving functionality. Beyond the travel-related content, this sponsored content is simply gorgeous. And very engaging!

Willingness to car share

This interactive report is detailed, precise and engaging.


Read more on the Verge.

Beer brewed by machines

Like, literally brewed by machines. Not just placed in bottles by a machine!

“The world’s first beer brewed with the help of artificial intelligence is now on sale. Four beers have been created, with each recipe altered based on customer feedback received by an algorithm.”

This sort of thing seems custom made for hotels focusing on novel guest experiences and using technology to personalize.

IntelligentX is redefining the word "crowdsourced"

IntelligentX is redefining the word “crowdsourced”


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Travel industry underperforming on Snapchat

Snapchat is more than just Generation Z. As the platform moves into maturity, people from across the age spectrum are joining. This makes the platform far more appealing to the travel industry.

In addition to broadening demographics, the fun and creativity of Snapchat is a match made in marketing heaven for travel marketers, destinations and brands.

Yet the latest research from social monitoring firm Spredfast finds that the travel industry is underperforming on Snapchat compared to others! Why is that?

Read more at Spredfast. 

The leaning bar of Mendoza

Liquor is a theme – and it’s no surprise! Especially as hotels, destinations, cruise liners and suppliers of all kinds seek to differentiate using food and beverage. Take this idea back to your brainstorms: the Andes Bar 45.

The craft beer brand based in Argentina turned a bar into one of the best commercial activations: a bar sitting on a mountain slope at 45 degrees. That’s the angle for a perfect pour, reinforcing the brand messaging while making for quite the marketing play.


The ICYMI Hotsheet is a weekly round-up of topics around and beyond the travel industry. Check back each Friday for a slice of the world’s most intriguing.