Today’s connected travelers want much more than an itinerary, they expect an experience tailored to their unique trip. While especially true with millennials — 3 out of 4 choose experiences over possessions — this trend cuts across all generations. For example, 35% of grandparents traveled with their grandchildren in the past 12 months, spending money on time together. In addition, the share of spending on live experiences relative to total U.S. consumer spending jumped 70% since 1987. Experiences have become the most prized possessions.

This puts you, the travel consultant, in a more prominent role than ever before. No longer are you simply an agent fulfilling a request — you are an agent of fulfillment. In consultation with clients, the trip is hand-crafted and expertly delivered.

Given this shift, what if travel itinerary consulting was made much easier and bookings became more intuitive? What if comparison shopping was simplified and you already knew what a customer wanted? What if data-driven insight helped you predict the best day and time for your customers to travel?

This is welcome news for the travel consultant, who can position their expert knowledge as a key facilitator to travelers enjoying the most memorable experience for the best price.

Technology continues to improve the ability of consultants to match preferences to travelers. And it’s time for a revolution in the way that traveler decisions are supported by their trusted travel consultants. So get ready to inspire  travelers and make them feel confident about their purchases. Get ready to increase revenue by integrating additional travel content. And get ready to simplify complicated journeys, while still complying with all relevant rules and restrictions.

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