This week marks the halfway point of the summer internship program at Sabre Holdings. I am beyond thrilled to be one of 115 members of this summerís very diverse intern class. I can say, without a doubt, that I have learned something new every single day while being an intern on the Marketing Communications team at GetThere this summer.

Whenever someone thinks of an internship they typically think of making copies, filing papers, and running errands. This is definitely not the case at Sabre. Prior to starting here, I didnít expect to be responsible for so much as an intern. I personally have had the responsibility of orchestrating calls with people on the other side of the world. I didnít expect to lead an international marketing campaign, let alone lead a marketing campaign at all. I love that Sabre employees and managers treat the interns as employees, too. I think this makes for a better work environment and motivation for interns to learn and succeed.

What other company has a program where you get to hear executives from across different business units speak about what they do for the company and take the time to answer our questions? Oh and I canít forget the case competition all of the interns are taking part in. I am on the Trip Purchasing team where we are researching the pre-trip phase of travel and how Gen Y makes purchase decisions. We will be presenting the research and solutions to our cases to Sabre executives and employees during the final week of the program. Go Trip Purchasing team!

My experience so far has proved the rumors are true- Sabre has an amazing company culture. Every time I walk around campus, I always see a familiar smiling face who is passionate about the work they do for the company. I value that Sabre encourages balanced lifestyles, personal wellness and community involvement. Having the opportunity to volunteer at the Intern Give Time Together event at the North Texas Food Bank this week was a wonderful experience. It was a great morning of sorting through food and other donations, bonding with our fellow intern class, and giving back to the community all at once (see photo).

I have nothing but amazing things to say about my internship. I canít believe how quickly this summer is flying byÖhow is it already July? I am excited to continue to learn more as an intern at Sabre Holdings!