“The cabin crew was attentive, smiling and courteous,” posted an Aegean Airlines customer after taking a flight from Athens to Paris and on to Ioannina, Greece. “Aircraft seats and toilets were clean. Bar-tea-coffee service was excellent. From Athens to Ioannina, the flight was smooth and comfortable aboard the Olympic Air Bombardier Q400 turboprop aircraft. Cabin attendants were wonderful once more. I think that both Aegean and Olympic Air are consistently the pride of Greece amid all our pessimism and depression.”

Those are sentiments from one of nearly 12 million customers Aegean Airlines serves each year. Clearly, based on numerous other similar comments and results from customer-satisfaction surveys, the airline excels at customer service. This is one of many reasons the Greek carrier was awarded Best Regional Airline in Europe at the 2016 Skytrax World Airline Awards. In fact, it marks the seventh consecutive year the airline has earned this prestigious award.

Naturally, some of the main attributes that warrant this level of recognition are the airline’s strategic leadership, its passionate employees, and its loyal customers.

While most airlines can stake claim to these same traits, they are simply the foundation for Aegean Airlines. The regional carrier is also known for its pioneering ways in terms of technological advancements and best business practices, as well as its overall compassion for the traveling public.

Service meets technology

For Aegean Airlines, innovation is a main differentiator, and it prefers to take charge in this space as opposed to sitting back and waiting for new technology to be released to the market.

The airline, for example, played a pivotal role in the design of Sabre AirVision Revenue Optimizer, the industry’s game-changing revenue-management technology, so it can take preemptive measures against its competition.

“Revenue Optimizer will enable us to maximize revenue opportunities by offering our customers innovative services and retail offers,” said Aegean Airlines Chief Executive Officer Dimitrios Gerogiannis. “Sabre’s real-time data processing, enhanced integration and advanced decision-support capabilities were significant considerations for Aegean.”

Clearly, older revenue-management systems are no longer able to produce long-term profitability for airlines. Legacy systems lack real-time, accurate, customer-focused capabilities. As such, Aegean Airlines needed next-generation revenue-management technology that enables it to consider the total customer value so it can become a better retailer.

In addition, air travelers want tailored offers, and airlines need to create and manage those offers in an optimal way to remain competitive. Revenue Optimizer supports this transformation and can help drive incremental revenue by up to two percent. It also provides recommendations that give the ability to offer the right content to the right customer at the right price.

Air travelers want tailored offers. Airlines need to manage those offers in an optimal way, says @aegeanairlines CEO 


Revenue Optimizer provides end-to-end control for the airline to better understand traveler profiles and respond to rapidly changing market conditions, while efficiently optimizing revenue across seats, ancillaries and partnerships. This is done by leveraging real-time data through its passenger-service system and other commercial-planning technology such as scheduling and pricing.

In a recent interview with Ascend, Mr. Gerogiannis discussed his ideas on staying ahead of the innovation curve, why it’s important to take a leading role in technological advancements, how it will leverage Revenue Optimizer to enhance its business and how third-party partnerships are vital to move his airline forward. Read the full interview here.