I’m very excited to introduce a whitepaper produced by Sabre Airline Solutions and The Economist Intelligence Unit entitled, The future of air travel: Improved personalisation and profits through the integrated use of customer data.

This whitepaper highlights key research findings from a survey of 100 airline executives and more than 800 customers in 18 countries, on the future of the traveler experience.  This future hinges on the ability to leverage data and technology solutions to provide a better traveler experience, grow revenue, and build customer brand affinity.

There are three main areas of opportunity that airlines should consider:

  • Improving the airline customer experience in the near term by utilizing existing technologies and data analytics best practices from other industries
  • Leveraging those practices to address customer pain pointsaround booking, the airport experience and the in-flight experience
  • Capturing data points throughout the travel journey and leveraging that information to provide a more personalized experience for the airline customer

The insights pulled from industry leaders across the globe push us to think about these challenges in news ways. We have an opportunity to leverage technology to improve the traveler experience, and I look forward to partnering with airlines to make that happen.

Read the whitepaper to learn more about how we can collectively enhance the future airline customer experience.