Fontainebleau has a unique reputation as one of the most historically and architecturally significant hotels on Miami Beach.

Known for its modern luxury, fine dining and world-class amenities, now the personalized, world-class and unforgettable experience of Fontainebleau begins before guests even book.

Fontainebleau Miami Beach chose a team of Sabre digital marketing experts to create a cutting-edge online experience that reflects its ongoing commitment to innovation, quality and service.

It comes as no surprise that Fontainebleau currently holds the top spot on the list of Florida Architecture: 100 Years. 100 Places. This hotel is, and always has been, on everyone’s top list when it comes to notorious hotel properties.

In the past glamorous golden era, legendary celebrities and artists like the Rat Pack, Elvis Presley, and Frank Sinatra made the Fontainebleau their playground. Even today, the rich and famous continue to make appearances at the posh hotel for performances, parties and special events. This hotel’s location has played some part in its allure, too. Located in the Greater Miami region of Florida, the hotel is in the center of a heap of tourist attraction. Each year Miami beach hotels host over 35% of the ten million tourists who visit Greater Miami. An estimated, record-high, 14.6 million visitors spent at least one night in Greater Miami during 2014.

Miami may have once been a spring break destination, but it has now become one of America’s most enchanted cities with a fusion of cultures to give visitors a global experience. This mini melting pot has preserved multicultural neighborhoods, like famous Little Havana to become a symbolic and cultural capital for Cuban-Americans in Miami. Latin culture has also had an influence on Miami’s nightlife scene, with many establishments featuring Latin music and dance.

Running a successful hotel in a hot tourist destination is one thing, but optimizing a hotel’s website is equally as important. An ideal hospitality website must be designed holistically, with an eye toward creating the best possible user experience. It must be responsive and able to function across all devices and platforms. A successful website is designed with the user in mind and optimized on conversion (more about this in our Holistic Hotel Website Experience webinar).

Hotels only have about 8 seconds to convert a looker to a booker. Customers have grown accustomed to finding relevant information quickly by scanning images and looking for keywords. Besides offering personalized deals and key information to customers, hoteliers have to design their websites in a way that conforms to the way shoppers digest information.

As revealed in our report with PSFK Labs, The Future of Hotel Booking – A Guide to Hotel Retailing, hotels can learn a lot about creating a new customer experience from brands like Zappos, Groupon and Fiat. Today’s consumers want content and a shopping experience that is fast, easy and personal. They want to have access to everything, everywhere, from every device. This transformation is driving brands to change the way they sell to and interact with consumers.

Fontainebleau’s redesigned website offers an engaging, easily navigable venue to improve the shopping experience and increase revenue. The new responsive website includes an intelligent booking engine to increase conversions through personalized offers based on user behavior, location and stay dates as well as targeted content and merchandising opportunities for the hotel guest. The site is designed to maximize conversions across all hotel assets including hotel bookings, dining reservations and spa appointments.

While leveraging the Synxis Enterprise Platform’s Channel Connect API, Fontainebleau’s custom booking engine has adopted Sabre’s in-context suite of services that will entice the website user to make a hotel reservation at the point when they are inspired to do so.

In addition to the design and development of the new website, Fontainebleau has been working with Sabre Hospitality Solutions across multiple digital marketing channels including online media and search engine optimization. This coordinated marketing approach across all disciplines has led to branding and conversion synergies as a user views display advertisements and organic search results all the way through to reserving a stay at Fontainebleau.

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