Last week, over 500 Sabre Airline Solutions customers converged for the 2015 Global Conference in Dallas, Texas. Throughout 2 keynote presentations, 3 Idea Hubs and over 65 breakout sessions, attendees explored how to drive transformation and innovation into their distribution, retailing and airport experience.

Keynote speaker Nawal Taneja discussed potential industry disruptors and early signs that indicate game changing forces are on the horizon. These forces included: frustrated customers, empowered global competitors, limited additional cost reductions and vulnerable loyalty schemes. Over the four-day event, the Sabre Airline Solutions leadership team unpacked each of these forces and discussed how these pervasive market problems are ultimately driving the company’s investment strategies and vision for the future.

Opportunity: Airports Reimagined

Millions of passengers pass through hundreds of airports every day. It’s the central location that connects their broader itinerary and sets the tone for their entire journey. Sabre Airline Solutions is focused on emerging technologies to reimagine the airport experience. The foundational pillars of the reimagined airport include: turning customer data into actionable insights, leveraging mobile technology and increasing revenue opportunities. Self-bag drop and bag tag, self-service reaccommodation, mobile concierge, auto check-in and a next generation load management product all top the list of new solutions Sabre Airline Solutions will focus on in 2015 and 2016.

Opportunity: Commercial Planning

Optimizing revenue now requires a different approach. Sabre Airline Solutions is investing in solutions that enable Total Revenue Optimization, or the convergence of optimizing total passenger revenues while leveraging insights on customer buying behavior and trip segmentation. Sabre Airline Solutions next generation revenue management solution makes real-time, event-driven decision a reality based on leveraging advanced analytics and insights. Giving airlines the ability to create network schedules that empower operational excellence is a key focus area for our company. Along with investments in revenue management, investments in network planning and scheduling include the ability to forecast and optimize drive profitability while still keeping operational constraints top of mind.

Opportunity: Connected Airline

Airline operations are becoming increasingly complex with multiple facets to manage, ranging from crew around the world to delivering on the commitment to your customer’s experience. It is becoming apparent that commercial and operational demands require a shift from traditional decision making. A strategic approach that connects all facets of operations is necessary to manage the increasing complexities of airline operations. Integrated systems and processes, real-time, actionable insights and streamlined communications are the backbone of a holistic solution that will enable the Connected Airline. Sabre Airline Solutions is focused on the next generation of crew management by investing in constructing an ideal crew environment with an open source approach that centers on the crew experience, optimization, tracking and compliance.

Opportunity: Airline Retailing

Travelers want to shop for products, anywhere, at any time, and on any device. Data-driven retailing moves beyond pricing seats to provide a simplified, personalized experience across all channels. Intelligent decision making is necessary to enable customer-centric retailing across the entire customer journey. Sabre Airline Solutions is investing in responsive design for e-commerce and self-service experiences while supporting dynamic retailing capabilities across evolving distribution models.

Underpinning each of these strategies is the need of consistent, accessible customer data. Investments in solutions such as Customer Data Hub and Customer Experience Manager create an environment where customer attributes and scores can be shared across the operational environment. Combining customer profile and transactional information such as recency, frequency and service history ensures airlines can offer the right products to the right customer at the right time.

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