One of the world’s oldest airlines, South African Airways, is anything but old. It has a track record of continually evolving to remain modern and competitive. Aiming to build its corporate customer base, in 2009, the airline implemented PRISM technology. As a result, it has experienced a 300 percent increase in corporate accounts.

South African Airways, which celebrated its 80th birthday in February 2014, is one of the oldest airlines in the world. However, it would be a mistake to refer to the airline or any part of its operation as outdated. In fact, the Johannesburg-based carrier operates one of the most technologically advanced fleets in the world and offers customers premium, award-winning service.

“It has enabled us to walk away from accounts that were not performing well and bring in other ones that we initially thought weren’t advantageous.”

The dramatic growth in corporate accounts generated a significant increase in sales, client and contract data and the need for a tool to efficiently track and effectively maintain account information.

“PRISM works much like a customer relationship management system for us,” DeFossey said. “For the first time, we know all the corporate accounts we are handling, who is handling each one and their contact names and ways to contact them. It’s helped us with content management.

“That was a component we really hadn’t expected. In any case where we must transition an account from one key account manager to another, the transition is quite simple because we are using PRISM not only for data collection, but to track the number and types of accounts we have in our portfolio.” [Read the full story in Ascend.]