With airlines and their flight crews keen to embrace the latest technologies and strive toward a vision based around a connected flight deck, there are multiple challenges and potential headaches awaiting an airline while navigating its way through the various components of software, hardware, aircraft manufacturer airframe design and safety concerns, as well as regulatory requirements.

Airlines have been relatively quick to adopt inflight connectivity for their passengers in the cabin who want to surf the Internet from the comfort of their seats and stay in touch with the latest updates around the world. The number of airlines adopting these services are on the rise; however, the concept of a connected flight deck remains stubbornly in its infancy phase.

Therefore, Sabre is partnering with industry leaders in a bid to help move this concept forward. As such, the technology company has developed a mobile solution as part of its “connected-flight” strategy. In addition, it actively supports various new technologies to connect the flight deck with all other aspects of an airline and related entities.

The latest mobile solution, called Sabre eFlight Manager, is an electronic-flight-bag (EFB) flight-briefing and calculation solution designed to run on commercial off-the-shelf devices known in the EFB arena as “class 1” devices and include the Apple iPad, Microsoft Surface and Panasonic Touchpad.

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