Aerospace, defense and security technology group Safran – headquartered in France – operates worldwide with more than 70,000 employees working in 60 countries.

Their employees are frequent travelers, with high standards and bespoke needs.

“Because of our reach and complexity as a company, we need travel solutions that work well in any country,” says Eric Tilly, Head of Commodity Group, Travel, Logistics and Transportation at Safran. “In the past, we didn’t have the speed or sophistication that we really wanted, so we decided to search and assemble the best travel technology solutions we could find”.

After an extensive search and thorough evaluation of options, Eric Tilly and Safran partners selected Sabre to remodel its travel technology platform to streamline booking, expenses, and traveler tracking.

Safran now have a more transparent and controllable corporate travel program that covers its 15 busiest offices worldwide. Employees are happy with the updates – with satisfaction among corporate travelers at 83 percent – higher than expected considering the widespread changes.

Eric Tilly is also happy; “We have a true end-to-end process for our corporate travel now that includes booking, ticketing, payments and invoicing that connects directly with our corporate accounting systems. We’ve made significant gains in efficiency and productivity in our travel accounting; it’s simply easier and faster now”.


Could your business benefit from a new travel technology platform?

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