The Sabre Labs team made quite a splash this past weekend at TechCrunch SF Disrupt Hackathon.

Sabre Labs partnered with Airphrame to create a new resource for visiting busy tourist attractions – with drones.  Anything involving a drone has that ‘top secret’ and ‘military’ feel to it, but our team created a 300-foot drone-powered hack that has potential travel and tourism applications.

The hack shows, in near real time, what crowds look like  outside tourist attractions – a key element in planning your day.

Sabre Lab’s Mark McSpadden added that one possible use-case for a drone-powered app in the travel sector could be to provide hotels with an information service they offer their customers, telling them which beaches are the least crowded, for instance. “A concierge with that kind of knowledge would be much more valuable,” he added.

Check out a video presentation of Sabre’s hack and TechCrunch story