When Sabre announced “Passport to Freedom,” the company’s comprehensive initiative seeking to unite the travel and tourism industry in the fight against human trafficking, company executives were amazed at the positive response from employees, law enforcement officials, and travel and tourism companies.
Since kicking off the initiative, the Sabre team has worked to keep the momentum going to raise awareness about human trafficking issues; advocate for legislative change; and

provide opportunities for leaders in government, travel and non-profit organizations to collaborate on an issue affecting up to 27 million people globally.
The travel and tourism industry is often an unwilling and unknowing participant in these crimes as millions are trafficked within and across domestic and international borders and kept in hotels or other public housing for commercial sex or forced labor each year.

Sabre Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Sam Gilliland met with many government agencies, including the U.S. Department of Transportation and the State Department, to discuss ways the travel and tourism industry can help make a difference in the fight against human trafficking.

“Sabre has a presence with all segments of the travel sector from agents and airlines to tour services and travelers, and everything in between, putting us in a unique position to act as a driving force in raising awareness for this cause,” said Gilliland. “Human trafficking impacts countries around the world, including every major city in the United States. Passport to Freedom is part of our effort to rally the travel and tourism industry to not only end these crimes, but to also help those who are affected rebuild their lives.”
Throughout this year, Sabre will train its 10,000 global employees how to identify someone who may have fallen victim to this horrible crime and how to help. In fact, over the past several months, new employees have been given a primer on the company’s Passport to Freedom initiative and a number of employees in Texas, India and Poland have already been trained.

Sabre will also launch a scholarship program this year to help educate and provide potential employment opportunities for human trafficking survivors.
In addition to raising awareness by speaking at numerous events and forums, the Sabre team will also speak at an upcoming forum in New York for several hundred young adults about the important role of the travel industry in ending modern day slavery.

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